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Name:Prince Jack Benjamin
Birthdate:Jan 1

Jonathan “Jack” Benjamin is the crown prince of the monarchy of Gilboa. He is the younger of King Silas and Queen Rose’s fraternal twins. To the public eye he’s a playboy and a skirt-chaser when not serving in the Gilboan military. At the start of the series, he was captured by Gath soldiers and rescued by David Shepherd who had no idea who Jack was. David became an instant media darling, and almost immediately started to steal the spotlight away from Jack.

Threatened by David, the young prince did what he could to try and discredit and drive away the walking paragon but he was quite obviously favored by God. To have the crown has been Jack’s goal since childhood but between Silas’s mercurial ways, and the fact that Jack is the second born after his twin sister Michelle, he constantly finds his claim to the throne cast into doubt.

Eventually tiring of dancing to his father’s tune, Jack reluctantly joins forces with his uncle William Cross to help overthrow Silas as he grew to be more and more of a despot. Jack’s relationship with his family is a complicated one at best. His father has never been satisfied with his son no matter how hard Jack has tried to prove himself to be. His outstanding military career, valor on the field of battle, none of it ever satisfied Silas and when the king intimated he was aware of Jack’s secret affairs with men; Silas’s disgust only further damaged their relationship. He disdained Jack for being a deeply closeted homosexual and urged his son to suppress his nature if he ever hoped to be king.

Whereas Silas has always favored Michelle, Jack has always been the apple of Rose’s eye. The queen taught him at her knee how to manipulate and use others to attain their goals. From the outside, the mother and son bond is runs very deep and it’s always been Jack that Rose has protected though as of late things have become strained. When Jack attempted to come out to Rose, she reacted poorly and with denial, something that just seemed to poison their relationship even further.

His twin Michelle has always been the better of the two, something both are aware of. At times, he seems to use her as a means to an end and others will endanger himself to protect her. There does seem to be a genuine love between the two siblings but the stresses of court life have driven a wedge between them. The wedge being a simple farm boy named David Shepherd. When Michelle and David fell in love, Jack found himself threatened on a whole new level when Michelle broke her vows to remain pledged to God.

Outside of his immediate family, Jack has an often contentious relationship with the royal aid Thomasina who has served the royal family for years and it is intimated she’s known the twins since young childhood. The reverend Samuels also tried to connect to the troubled young man over the course of the series only to be rebuffed by callous disregard for his attempts to bring wisdom and even peace to the prince.

Disclaimer: Mun and Character are both over the age of 21. This is an RP account, Mun is not affiliated with NBC’s television show Kings or Sebastian Stan in any way.

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